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Goal Posts and Poles

Footbal Goal Posts

Footbal Goal Posts

Approx. Rs 56,800 / pair

8101  -    Football Goal Post 4" Movable.
8102  -    Football Goal Post 4" made of Pipe with back support Fixed.
8103  -    Football Goal Post 3" made of pipe with back support Fixed.

Volley Ball Poles

Volley Ball Poles

Approx. Rs 31,000 / Set

8139 - Volley Ball Pole Movable
8140 - Volley Ball Pole-Made of 2.5" Pipe to be Fixed in Ground,heavy Type.
8141 - Volley Ball Pole-Made of 3" Pipe to be Fixed in Ground,heavy Type.
8142 - Volley Ball Pole-Made of 2.5"x3" Adjustable Pipe
8143 - Volley Ball Pole-Made of 3"x3.5" Adjustable Pipe
8144 - Volley Ball Pole-Made of 3.5"x4.5" Adjustable Pipe
8145 - Volley Ball Pole Antenna with marker.
8146 - Ratchet For Volley Ball
8147 - Volley Ball Pulley

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High Jump Stand & Height Measuring Stand

High Jump Stand & Height Measuring Stand

Approx. Rs 2,000 / Onwards

8251  -   High Jump stand 6ft Heavy
8252  -   High Jump stand 8ft Heavy

Take Off Board & Toe Board

Take Off Board & Toe Board

Approx. Rs 2,800 / Each

Take Off Board & Toe Board.
Long Jump Take of Board made of hardwood and painted to resist weather.
- Shot Put Toe Board is available both in solid wood & aluminium.

Lawn Tennis Poles & Accessories

Lawn Tennis Poles & Accessories

Twisted Cord Nylon, All Double.

8151   -  Lawn Tennis Post 4" made of pipe to be fixed in Ground
8152   -  Lawn Tennis Pole 3" made of Pipe to be fixed in Ground
8153   -  Lawn tennis Pole 3"made of Pipe Movable

Hand Ball Goal Post

Hand Ball Goal Post
8121  -    Hand ball goal Post Movable,Made of 8cmsx8cms Square Pipe.
8122  -    Hand ball goal Post Made of 8cmsx8cms Square Pipe with back support.
8123  -    Hand ball goal Post 2" Round Pipe with back support.

Badminton Poles

Badminton Poles
8130 -    Badminton Pole Movable.
8131 -    Badminton pole 2.5" made of pipe.
8132 -    Badminton pole 2' made of pipe.
8136 -    Badminton Pulley.
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